An annual service will start with a visual check to ensure that the boiler and associated pipework is installed and positioned correctly. It is also advised by the boiler manufacturer to have a full strip down boiler service every 4 to 5 years.

The engineer will then check that your boiler is operating correctly and identify any initial problems. Then they will remove the boiler casing to look at its components. They will check the boiler is working safely and efficiently, and clean the components inside the boiler.

The engineer will check the following:

· Correct gas pressure and flow rate

· Flue and combustion. A flue gas analyser will be used to make sure the boiler is burning the right mixture of gas and air and that the flue is not blocked

· Electrical connections are properly made

· Internal main components are not showing signs of damage or corrosion

· Seals are intact· Electrodes are in a good condition

· Safety devices are checked

· Condensate trap and pipe is not blocked

· Water and gas pipework have no leaks

All too often boilers that are broken down have not been serviced annually as manufacturers state. In turn this ends up in costly repair bills that could have been avoided by identifying small issues that can be resolved before failing and breaking down.

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