Is Underfloor Heating Right For Your Home?

Underfloor heating is an excellent heating choice that works underneath a range of different flooring types. Used in a single room or an entire house. Underfloor heating can be installed in any home, from a new build to a renovation to a single space.

What is water underfloor heating?

Warm water underfloor heating works by connecting a series of pipes underneath the floor, which are connected to the boiler through a manifold in your home. These pipes help to circulate the warm water underneath the floor; this heats up the space the pipes are in which then transfers through the flooring.

What are the benefits of underfloor heating?

  • Energy efficiency

Underfloor heating is considered much more energy efficient than a traditional radiator system that you have installed in your home. This is because the pipes used in an underfloor heating system cover a larger surface area than a conventional radiator.

By being able to heat a room more efficiently, the system doesn’t need to be in use for long to create a warm space. Also, water can be used at a lower temperature as the heat is distributed more evenly. With this in mind, you have greater energy efficiency as you need less power to heat your home.

  • Safety

For young families or elderly relatives, radiators can cause concern. Radiators can be extremely hot and dangerous and can cause burns, especially with young children. By using underfloor heating, you eliminate the risk of radiators and don’t even have to worry about the sharp edges when little ones are running around. Water underfloor heating is a gentle warming heating system that is safe for everyone to use.

  • Stylish

Radiators can look old-fashioned in homes, particularly homes that are designed for open plan spaces and ultra-modern looks. With underfloor heating you eliminate the need for radiators in the house, which gives you the opportunity to create a stylish setting. It also frees up the wall space that radiators can take up.

  • Cheaper to run

As underflooring heating systems use less energy, it means that can be much cheaper to run. Warm water underfloor heating can significantly reduce your household energy bill as it is around 25% more efficient than conventional radiator central heating systems.

As with any heating system, the amount you will save will depend on your use and where you place the water underfloor heating system. However, with a thermostat control, you can set the temperature to make sure your heating is efficient and cost-effective.

  • Cosy and comforting

There’s nothing worse than stepping barefoot on a cold hard floor. With water underfloor heating, you no longer need to have your slippers or socks on. You can step onto a cosy warm floor that is deeply comforting. Regardless of the floor type, from tiles, stone, carpet, wood or laminate, warm underfloor heating works with almost every flooring type.

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Underfloor heating repairs

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