System Flushing

Benefits Of Flushing Your Heating System

· Reduced Energy Bills

· Hotter Radiators

· Extended Life Of Boiler And Heating System

· Improved Efficiency

· Decrease Boiler Noise

Do I need a system flush?

· Is your boiler breaking down/needs to be restarted regularly?

· Do your radiators have cold patches while turned on, especially at the bottom?

· Is your tap water discoloured or cloudy?

· Do your radiators take a long while to heat up or do they not get warm at all?

· Are your radiators or boiler quite noisy?

· When bleeding radiators – is the water cloudy? Maybe there is no water at all.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, your system may need a flush. It’s also a good idea to schedule in a system flush if you have a new boiler installed to ensure it’s in top working condition. It is recommended to flush your heating system every 5 years. Boiler manufacturers state you must have your system flushed and clean to validate the manufacturers boiler warranty. If you are paying for breakdown care on your boiler the company will ask for proof that your heating system is clean or that you have had it flushed, we can help you with this.